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HPL gets nod to redevelop Forum mall, voco Orchard S’pore and HPL House under URA incentive scheme

Singapore’s Forum mall, voco Orchard Singapore hotel, and HPL House are set to undergo redevelopment into a dynamic mixed-use complex in the heart of Orchard. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has granted approval for this project under the Strategic Development Incentive (SDI) Scheme, pending certain conditions.

The forthcoming development will encompass around 114,153 sq m of space and feature two towers of 64 and 43 stories, atop a six-story podium. This podium will house a rooftop garden, a performance theater, and a basement carpark. Additionally, a separate 29-story tower will be part of the complex.

HPL Group, the driving force behind this project, envisions it as a pivotal landmark on Orchard Road, transforming the area into a lively and significant hub. While a timeline for completion hasn’t been established yet, HPL and its professional advisors are actively formulating detailed plans.

Spanning both freehold land and a 999-year leasehold plot, the development encompasses over 14,000 sq m in total.

The Strategic Development Incentive (SDI) Scheme, introduced by URA in 2019, encourages rejuvenating older structures into innovative developments that enhance the urban environment. Such projects can potentially gain flexibility in development controls and increase their gross plot ratio.

Notably, URA has already supported six out of seven applications under the SDI Scheme. Past beneficiaries of this initiative include City Developments Limited and UOL.

To qualify for the scheme, redevelopment proposals must involve at least two adjacent sites to ensure a transformative impact on the surrounding area. Moreover, projects are now required to align with digitalization, productivity, and sustainability goals from the Construction Industry Transformation Map, along with offering electric vehicle charging points.

It’s worth mentioning that HPL’s managing director, Mr. Ong Beng Seng, has faced legal issues, yet the company remains at the helm of various prominent properties worldwide, including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Singapore.

In summary, Singapore’s Forum mall, voco Orchard Singapore hotel, and HPL House are poised for an exciting transformation into a multifaceted mixed-use development in Orchard. Approved under the SDI Scheme by URA, the project aims to redefine the area, and while details are still in progress, it’s set to become a vibrant Orchard Road destination.

Source: Straits Times

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