Pearls Hill City Park, Credit: yongsengt on Instagram

More Homes Planned in Central Locations: Pearl’s Hill, Marina South, Bukit Timah’s Turf City, Mount Pleasant

In a significant move, public housing flats will be launched in the Pearl’s Hill area near Chinatown for the first time in 40 years. This initiative is part of the government’s broader plan to diversify housing types in central locations and breathe new life into the city center, creating vibrant mixed-use districts. The objective is to make city living more accessible to a wider population, capitalizing on enhanced transportation links and closer proximity to workplaces and amenities.

The announcement was made on November 3 during the launch of the “My City, My Home” exhibition, which showcases forthcoming neighborhoods slated for development over the next decade. The exhibition is open to the public at the Singapore City Gallery until February 2 next year.

Ongoing Efforts to Transform the City Center:

  • A new residential neighborhood is planned at the base of Pearl’s Hill City Park, which will introduce around 6,000 new homes, encompassing public housing, rental flats, and private residences.
  • The development will also feature public spaces and amenities to promote social interaction.
  • The design will make the most of the hilly terrain, incorporating car-lite pedestrian zones and open plazas. It will also maintain the area’s heritage by preserving historic buildings.
  • A mixed-use development will integrate with Outram Park MRT station to enhance connectivity.

Strategic Locations for New Mixed-Use Neighborhoods:

  • In addition to Pearl’s Hill, four other central neighborhoods, including Bukit Timah’s Turf City, Mount Pleasant, and the former Keppel golf course site, will be developed using similar principles that prioritize the conservation of natural landscapes and heritage features.
  • Housing options are also being explored at Marina South, with a designated 45-hectare site for a community-centric and inclusive mixed-use residential neighborhood, accommodating more than 10,000 new homes. This prime location offers panoramic views of Gardens by the Bay and the Straits of Singapore.

Having more homes in central locations enables residents to live closer to the central business district, gain better access to MRT stations, and enjoy various amenities. This transformation aims to make the city center a place where people can live, work, and play.

However, homes in these central locations are expected to come with higher price tags. To address this, the government has introduced measures to ensure fairness and inclusivity.

Minister for National Development Desmond Lee emphasized the importance of creating a socially diverse society and the need for Singapore to redevelop and rejuvenate central areas to offer new housing opportunities. These efforts are in line with the commitment to maintain diversity and inclusivity while keeping public housing affordable and accessible for all Singaporeans.

This progressive approach aims to meet evolving housing needs and enhance city living for a broader spectrum of residents.

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