Marina Square Singapore

Singapore Land Group Embarks on Partial Redevelopment of Marina Square

Singapore Land Group (SingLand) is set to initiate a partial redevelopment of the Marina Square shopping mall, as revealed in a filing on Friday, September 29th.

In the third quarter of 2023, the Company has received Provisional Permission from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (“URA”) for this endeavor. Alongside its team of dedicated professional advisors, SingLand is actively engaged in developing comprehensive plans to secure all necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.  The company is currently collaborating with a team of professional advisors to secure further approvals from the relevant authorities.

This redevelopment endeavor is an integral part of SingLand’s long-term strategy, focused on unlocking additional value from its diverse asset portfolio.

At this stage, the specific timeline for the Project remains undetermined. This initiative, still in its preliminary phases, aligns with SingLand’s long-term portfolio management strategy, which aims to realize added value from its diverse asset portfolio.

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